Terminal Scrolling Tip On Ubuntu

Unlimited Scrolling In The Terminal

The default amount of lines to display in the terminal is set to 512 lines, but sometimes the output from a command can be very long and you will not be able to view it. Do you know what to do in this case? It is very easy to fix this problem, if we are allowed to call it a problem, just by editing the setting in the profile preferences of your terminal.

You can set the amount of lines to a specific number you like that is reasonable for you, or you can set it to unlimited scrolling. Unlimited scrolling is the option i like to use. Now it is time to show you step by step how to edit your settings in the profile preferences tab and set scrolling to an amount of lines or unlimited.

Step 1

Open a new terminal.

tips1Figure 1

Step 2

Now go to edit and select profile preferences like shown in Figure 2.

tips2Figure 2

Step 3

Now go to scrolling tab and click on the check box Unlimited like shown in Figure 3.

tips3Figure 3

You can select Unlimited scrolling or an amount of lines you think would be the perfect choice for you.