Ten nice Extensions for LibreOffice

LibreOffice is an open source Office Suite, an excellent alternative to MS Office. If offers a number of features and the added functionalities in the form of extensions. Here are some of the useful extensions for LibreOffice.

1) iMath: Many computer users know how to use Excel or spreadsheets for carrying out different calculations using formulas, but iMath helps carrying out numeric and symbolic calculations inside a Writer document.

2) Clipart gallery of puzzle shapes: With this extension a new theme named “Puzzle 3-4-6-o” is created in LibreOffice that adds 60 puzzle shapes like triangles, squares, hexagons, and circles. The shapes are in vector graphic format allowing you to change border or filling and magnify. Almost all the possible shapes are given; just rotate them to obtain the shape you want.

3) EPC: This small extension for LibreOffice offers elements required for drawing event-driven process chains. It works best in Draw if you have enabled grid and connectors.

4) Clipart gallery of danger signs: This is a big extension that integrates four themes to your existing gallery in LibreOffice. It carries more than 400 cliparts all related to security at work. All the cliparts are in vector graphics format so there is no loss of clarity even if you magnify them. In Draw you can also modify cliparts or retrieve parts of them.

5) AddPics: If you have the pictures or images or the scanned pages, AddPics can help you create the documents from them. For all the documents created you get correct page orientation, whether portrait or landscape.

6) TexMaths: This is very useful extension for engineers and all those who have to work on the equations. TexMaths is the LaTeX equation editor for LibreOffice. TexMaths enables adding LaTeX equations in the form of images (SVG or PNG format). The LaTeX code is saved in the image for further editing it any time. Ex: x(t) = mu ^2 (t) should produce the equation x(t)=µ²(t)

7) Export as images: This is a very useful extension to convert all the Impress slides or pages created in Draw into images of format like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF. After installing this extension you will be able to see option “Export as images…” in the File menu. You can select the image format, size of the image and other parameters.

8)  OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs – export & import to Google Docs, Zoho, WebDAV: This extension enables you to export, import and edit your files from Google Docs, Zoho and WebDAV servers. The files can be documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

9) SmART Gallery: This is another very useful extension, the advanced version of previously known Diagram for both, LibreOffice as well as Open Office. By using this extension you can create your diagrams in a few clicks within Draw and Impress applications.

10) Language Tool: This is an excellent tool for the writers and all others who want to write in correct language. It is a style and grammar proofreading software for English, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Romanian and many other languages. Language Tool helps detect the errors that the spell checker cannot detect. It can detect some grammar mistakes but it cannot do spell checking.