10 KDE Applications for Increasing Productivity

KDE has housed wonderful applications for the *nix environments for a long time. This list isn’t restricted to any particular type of application, they are selected such that everyone may find at least some of these relevant to their workflow.

The selection was made on the basis of features, configurability, ease of use and integration with the KDE desktop; in order.

Without further ado..


  1. Krusader: Krusader is a fully configurable twin-panel file manager. It incorporates several interesting featuresand integration with utilities like kdiff3.krusader
  2. Kontact : This is a front-end for KDE Personal information management. It is an email client, note-taker, journal, usenet, newsfeed, time-tracker and many other relevant applications built into one.
  3. Yakuake :The famous Quake style drop-down terminal.yakuake
  4. Kompare : Visual diff(and patch) tool, very useful for programmers working in a team.
  5. Kate : The ‘mult-ipurpose’ light-weight text editor, with a plethora of configuration options.
  6. Digikam : This is one of the best photo-management apps around.
  7. kget : Kget is a powerful download manager, packing quite a punch behind its simple and innocent interface.
  8. Ksnapshot : This isn’t really a full fledged application, but  is easily the most flexible screenshot taking tool.
  9. K3b: k3b is the default disk burning suite for the kde desktop, with a full set of feature one needs to do just about anything to a disk. (Happy ‘Kreating’!!)
  10. Kdenlive : This is arguably the best non-linear video editor for Linux desktop users. (Note that Ubuntu’s default kde package versions do not support kdenlive yet)