Teemip – A Free and Open Source IP Managment Tool

Today we present to you a great tool that will help you to good manage the IP address.

TeemIp is an Open Source web 2.0 application that enables professional IP Management activity within IT departments of all sizes.This application provide a good and simple user interface will allow network administrators to manage their IPv4 and IPv6 Plans, subnet space and IPs.

TeemIp has been developped as an extension of iTop open source ITSM and CMDB software and therefore benefits from all its features and advanced functions:

  • CSV import tool for all data
  • Consistent audit to check data quality
  • Synchronize your data with external tools
  • History on all data

TeemIp application is relying on Apache, MySQL and PHP, so it can run on whatever operating system supporting those applications: it has been already tested on Windows, Linux Debian and Redhat. Because it is a web based application you don’t need to install any client on user PC. A simple web browser is enough to use it


Teemip has many features like :

  • Free & open source
  • Define your IPv4 and IPv6 Plans through hierarchical Network Blocks
  • Delegate IP blocks from parent to child organizations
  • Manage Subnets within predefined Network Blocks
  • Attach IP Ranges to your Subnets
  • Register IPs and get a clear view on the IP space consumption
  • Allow end user to log IP requests through a simple WEB portal
  • Provide Hostmasters efficient processes to manage user requests
  • Proactively notify administrators on key events
  • Synchronize your data with external tools


Before start installing Teemip you need to have those requirements:

Minimum Hardware requirements

  • Disk 20 Gb
  • RAM 2 Gb
  • Processor  2 GHz + (bi-core Pentium)
  • Minimum screen size should be 1024*768 pixels full screen, but the higher the better.

Minimum Software requirements

  • CentOS 6.3 Minimal;
  • PHP 5.2 ;
  • Apache
  • MySQL 5;

Let’s start.

Teemip Server configuration

Before installing TeemIp, make sure that you have a properly configured instance of Apache/PHP running.

First steps to do is to install LAMP server under your centos server.

yum install httpd php mysql mysql-server

For more details you can check our article Install LAMP Server (Apache, MySQL, PHP) On RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux 6.5/6.4

Then you need to download the Teemip package from this URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/teemip/ .

After that you need to unpack the files contained in the zipped package in a directory served by your web server and point your web browser to the URL corresponding to the directory were the files have been unpackaged, for instance http://myserver, or http://myserver/teemip/ if you have created a dedicated alias for TeemIp application.

Teemip installation

After you open the Teemip page under your browser , the TeemIp package provides a step by step wizard to install the application. Just follow it.

Step1 is checking all prerequisites for MySQL, PHP and all optional extension. If a prerequisite is missing a yellow bullet will inform you.


Then you will be asked to accept the terms of the license agreement



At step3, you have to provide information on how to access the MySQL database (server, user and password). MySQL user needs to have root privileges.


Then you will be asked to define the administrator credentials required to access the application.


Next steps will summarizes all the parameters that you have entered so far before launching the installation process.


Finally, a last screen informs you that installation has run successfully.



Clicking the ‘Enter TeemIp’ button will lead you to TeemIp’s login screen.


After you make the login and password,  you will start playing with the application.



That’s all, Thank you 🙂