Talk to your computer with chrome 11 beta!

Chrome 11 beta is loading with a handful of amazing features. In this post we will review them briefly!google-chrome-logo

Chrome has introduced support for the HTML 5 speech input API. What does that mean? Developers can now develop web applications that have the ability to transcribe your voice into text! That is you can simply push the icon on a page that supports this feature, and speak into your computer’s microphone.


The speech so recorded will be typed in for you. I have shown the mechanism through the diagram below. Chrome 11 beta also includes a number of other features “offers a sneak peek of GPU-accelerated 3D CSS, which allows developers to apply slick 3D effects to web page content using CSS.” That means better and real animations! This also implies that we will have some really out-of-the-box features, hopefully, in gmail, and other services provided by Google.


This is he picture of demo of the new feature. You can try here


Its interesting to note that at the very same Firefox is out with its latest version, version 4 and Internet explorer version 9, Google is also not lagging in any way! Google Chrome stable version 10 was made available not longer than 10 days ago, and yet again Google is out with the beta 11 build (11.0.696.16) that they have also pushed to the beta channel. This “talking to computer feature” as Google calls its, will definitely glue many developers to chrome and to think and workout latest and innovative web apps, that one has never seen! Chrome 11 will surely change the way we experience web and our browsing habits. Yet lesser is known about chrome 11, we have crossed our fingers! Download your copy here.