Symbiose: Try Gnome Online

Hi guys!

Time for some candies! Do you like to try an online online Gnome OS? Everything in the browser! You like it or not i am giving this online Gnome OS a try.

The system I am going to show you guys in this article is called Symbiose, which is the only one “Gnomish” WebOS available nowdays.

What is Symbiose?

Symbiose is still under heavy development. Its current version (1.0 beta3) is not considered to be stable yet. It is a WebOS which can be run in your browser and many of Symbiose applications offers basic capabilities. Symbiose offers many tools such as for configuring the system and many others. You can also login to the system and save you configs.

This WebOS runs very fast and it looks very similar to the Gnome Shell. The good thing about this web based operating system is that it is completely free. We like free things, don’t we?

What can you do with Symbiose?

You can basically do everything you can do with your real physical machine. Symbiose offers you internet access, lighter versions of gedit and LibreOffice writer, Nautilus files browser, software center, calculator, dropbox, google drive and many other tools. You can also listen to music, edit and save your documents online and watch movies.






Fig 6


I have experienced some problems while testing this WebOS, but why don’t you give a try and tell us about your operating system experience in the browser? Do you like to try Gnome online? Then this is the perfect place to do it.