SolusOS Linux Development Doors Closed!

SolusOS developed by Ikey Doherty development has been stopped. In a blog post titled “Closing Doors” by the developer tells the end of this beautiful OS. And is a great lost to the Linux and Open Source community. Many who have tried SolusOS before can tell what such an OS in its young state will be in the future. Below is an excerpt from the blog post.

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the closure of SolusOS. Simply put, there is no longer enough manpower to fulfil the vision. What began as a Debian derivative evolved into an independent distribution, without the large development team required to back such an effort.” – Ikey Doherty

From SolusOS is a beginner-friendly desktop Linux distribution based on the latest stable release of Debian GNU/Linux. It features the GNOME 2 desktop, a good selection of default applications for everyday tasks, updated software applications from Debian “backports” and the project’s own repositories, a complete set of multimedia plugins, a custom GNOME menu, and an intuitive graphical installer


The OS website as at the time of this writing can’t be accessed meaning it has been taken down. From SoftpediaDespite the sad announcement, Softpedia will still distribute both the stable and the development versions of the SolusOS Linux operating system on its dedicated servers.”

Thanks to Softpedia, SolusOS can still be resurrected. You and I can open these closed doors of SolusOS, get involved.