Sintel | Friday Game

Sintel game is a video game adaption of the Blender’s Foundation 3rd open film named Sintel. The movie is about the young huntress Sintel and a dragon she called Scales. If you haven’t watched the short film yet, why don’t you do it now?


The aim of the game is to offer an epic story that will take place in the same settings that the movie does. Through careful planning and immense detail, developers aspire to the creation of a game that will offer intense action and emotional connection. It is very early to evaluate Sintel as a game yet, as there are a ton of things that are still to be done and the game is still in alpha state. It is very interesting to take a look at it right now though.

To run Sintel, you’ll need to have Blender installed in your system. Download the game and unzip it, and then open the sintel_win.blend file with Blender and then press the “p” button for the game to start.

I have to admit that the game was more unfinished that I expected. There were some dialog-instructions on the first map, but I didn’t find a way moving that box on the ship. Moreover, the game made blender crash twice while testing, and in general the gameplay wasn’t exactly smooth. You can fight with some snail-like bitters who come at you, using your stick to hit them and that is all about it for the time being really.┬áThis doesn’t mean anything bad about the game of course. It is just too early to be very enjoyable that’s all!


The reason I am featuring Sintel as this Friday game is because I believe it deserves a little of your weekend free time, to check it out and see the power and abilities of Blender once again. Also, the game is in heavy development and it needs both testing feedback and contributions, so playing the game is the essential first step you’ll have to take.

Sintel The Game