Setup static IP on Debian 8

Many People are using Debian like a Server,  and the Static IP  is one the requirements of  using   Linux servers to make them more identifiable on the network.

before to start Setup static IP on Debian 8  Lets give  an idea  about  the  network configurations


That   means

IP =
Netmask =
Broadcast =
Gateway =

Show my  network   configuration  file

The file is /etc/netwok/interfaces


Now   convert  the  file  to   some thing  like  this:


Just  Specify  the IP  free you want  from the  gateway ( router) and  restart the  network  with :

/etc/init.d/networking restart


ifdown  eth0 && ifup eth0

This  method  should  work an all Debian 7 /8  Ubuntu  14/15/16 and  Mint 16/17