Samba 4.0.12 Has Been Released

Samba is a a free software licensed under the GNU General Public License which is used to enable interaction between Microsoft Windows and other systems (like Unix, Linux etc.) Samba offers security, stability and file services for all Linux and windows clients such as DOS, Windows, OS/2. Samba is a very popular tool for performing file transfers. This multiplatform tool is written in C , C++ , Python and its name Samba comes from SMB (Server Message Block).

Short History

Samba Unix was initially released in December 1991 and January 1992 by Andrew Tridgell, a PhD student at the Australian National University at that time. Samba did not have a proper name, and Tridgell just called it “a Unix file server for Dos Pathworks”. You can read the full Samba history in our article.

Samba 4.0.12

This latest release of Samba application includes many important fixes for a couple of bugs. The “RW Deny for a specific user is not overriding RW Allow for a group” bug has been fixed. This corrected bug is considered a major enhancement in Samba 4.0.12. Also, the cache_traverse_validate_fn failure for NDR cache entries has been fixed.

What are some changes in this release of Samba since 4.0.11 version?

– BUG 10247: xattr: Fix listing EAs on *BSD for non-root users
– BUG 10195: nsswitch: Fix short writes in winbind_write_sock
– BUG 9905: ldap_server: Register name and pid at startup
– BUG 10193: s4:dsdb/rootdse: report ‘dnsHostName’ instead of ‘dNSHostName’
– BUG 10232: libcli/smb: fix smb2cli_ioctl*() against Windows 2008
– BUG 10132: pam_winbindd: Add support for the KEYRING ccache type
– BUG 10194: winbind: Offline logon cache not updating for cross child
domain group membership
– BUG 10269: util: Remove 32bit macros breaking strict aliasing

Get the latest Samba here.