rollApp: A Firefox Extension for Viewing and Editing 100+ Types of Files in Browser Itself

rollApp is an extension for FireFox browser that let’s you view and edit doc, xls, pdf, zip, rar and other 100+ types files directly in your browser. You can view and edit the files interactively without having to download them or without having to install any additional software’s while browsing on various websites.

Also this app will let you to save the edited files automatically to your Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and 4shared cloud storage. You don’t have to carry any software wherever you go. If you have a portable Firefox browser, then things will be lot easier to you. Just open the files you want to view or edit in the browser; make the changes and save them to your cloud storage.

Add rollApp extension to Firefox

Go to Tools -> Add-ons. Search for the extension “rollApp” and install it.

Add-ons Manager - Mozilla Firefox_001

Gettting started with rollApp

Go to and sign-up for a free account. You can log-in with your existing social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Enter the mail ID and click on Save.

rollApp - Beta registration - Mozilla Firefox_003Click on Getting Started.

rollApp - Welcome to rollApp - Mozilla Firefox_004It will ask you to enable pop-ups if you have installed any pop-up blocking extensions. Click on Next.

rollApp - Configure Popup Blocker - Mozilla Firefox_005Now connect your cloud storage.

rollApp - Cloud Storage - Mozilla Firefox_006Enter the folder name for this account and click Connect.

rollApp - Cloud Storage - Mozilla Firefox_007You will be automatically redirected to Dropbox sign-in page. Enter your Dropbox account credentials and allow rollApp to authorize to your Dropbox account.

The Dropbox has been connected to rollApp now. Click on Done.

rollApp - Cloud Storage - Mozilla Firefox_008Now you will be redirected to rollApp home page. In the left pane of rollApp home page, you will find many built-in software applications such Libreoffice Writer etc.

rollApp - Office - Mozilla Firefox_009Click on any application to launch it. Also rollApp let’s you to create a shortcut or pin the application that you want to quick launch bar.

Open Office Draw - Mozilla Firefox_010Now your application will be opened. Open or create a new file and make the changes and save them directly to your cloud storage.

Editing a document

Open a application. Here I am going to edit my Resume in LibreOffice Writer. Launch your LibreOffice Writer. Open a file to edit. You will be redirected to your Dropbox (or any other cloud storage that you have connected) home folder. Select the files you want to edit.

Open - Mozilla Firefox_013Edit the document and save it directly to your Dropbox.

As I mentioned before, you don’t need to install any software on your local system. Everything is done in the Firefox browser itself. Although a notable disadvantage is slow processing. Its dependent on your internet connection speed. Enjoy!