RHEL/CentOS 6.4 LDAP MD5 Certificate Error Caused by NSS 3.14 Update

After a recent update to the latest RHEL 6.4, an issue arose that caused LDAP to stop using our MD5 signed certificate. This was due to the nss-3.14.0 update that now deems MD5 as un-secure. This change caused authentication of users using LDAP to fail. If the account had a local password (such as root), they were able to login.

Since creating/updating the MD5 certificate was not an immediate solution, there had to find a way to use the current certificate until a new one was generated. Here are a few of the workarounds.

Option 1

The first option involves modifying each kernel line in /etc/grub.conf and adding support for MD5 as well as creating a file in /etc/profile.d exporting this variable. In our situation this option did not work, but for others on the internet it worked.

Add in /etc/grub.conf to the end of kernel lines:


Create /etc/profile.d/nss.sh:


Reboot the server.

Option 2

The second option adds the export option to /etc/sysconfig/init. This option worked for allowing users to connect via SSH, but it did not allow authentication when accessing via a console, like open console option in vSphere.

Add to /etc/sysconfig/init


Reboot the server.

Option 3

The third option involves downgrading nss packages to 3.13 and adding an exclusion in /etc/yum.conf to not allow an update to nss 3.14 or higher. This was the option that worked for our situation.

You will need to downgrade nss, nss-tools, nss-sysinit and nss-util:

$ sudo yum downgrade nss nss-tools nss-sysinit nss-util

Next open /etc/yum.conf and add/change:


Reboot the server.

All three options are only temporary and eventually an update to any modules that require nss .14 or higher will not be able to be applied until a new certificate is created.