Remotely Connect to your Desktop with These Apps | Android

There is a lot of stuff that people can do on their Android. This is the reason why most people connect to Android. I read an interesting quote in an article on a fun technical blog: If you want to impress nerds, get Android. That is so true. To impress girls, get iPhone… but to impress a more learned group, get Android.

Handling your Android is a piece of cake. But what if you have to handle your phone/tablet using your computer? Wouldn’t it be cool? There are many apps that would let you monitor your phone remotely.

1. The first one I’m going to discuss is Remote Phone Call. It’s obvious from its name that this app is used to make phone calls. It would let you attend incoming calls, as well as make outgoing ones from your computer. You can do this via Bluetooth or Wi-fi. So if you are sitting on your computer and your phone rings, you don’t need to get up. Just attend it right there and then from your computer. It’s a cool app, but the downside is that it’s paid. But you can get a trial version for free, and if you like it, you can purchase the full version.

2. I know one problem that bugs me on Android. It’s the built in keyboard. I don’t have stubby fingers, but I find it really hard to use the on-screen keyboard. This is why I mostly use my Blackberry for typing text messages. I wish there was some way to get a real keyboard with my Android. And actually, there IS a way. You can use a Wi-fi keyboard with your Android. Simply connect your phone with your PC, and use its keyboard to type. Writing long messages or emails becomes really easy- easier than using a Blackberry.

3. If you work a lot on your PC, you might want to use the Remote Notifier app. It sends all notifications from Android to PC. So if you have a notification of a text message, incoming call, or low battery (or any other notification), you can get it directly on your computer. So you won’t miss important phone calls if you are working on your system while your phone is in the other room.

4. This app is kinda like the previous one. This Wi-Fi SMS Communication Manager lets you send texts via your computer. Your PC should be on the same Wi-Fi as your Android. You have to install this app and use a browser on your computer. Though this app is paid, but there is a free version as well (though with limited features).

5. The Lazy Droid app lets you organize the content present on your phone, using your PC. So you can manage contacts, surf the file system, and even send SMS from your PC. You can do all this through any browser on your computer.

All these apps let you manage your phone from your computer. Are you using any of these apps? Let us know if you have some more suggestions.