Reasons why you should use Linux

Since its initial release in 1991, Linux had made tremendous leaps and bounds to target not only corporate entities but desktop and home users as well. If you are Windows or Mac user, chances are that you have interacted with Linux at one point or another without your knowledge. This is because, unlike a decade ago, Linux underpins most modern technologies. Smart devices such as smartphones, smart TVs and tablets ride on Android which is based on the modern version of the Linux kernel. Most modern websites are hosted on Linux servers on either Apache or Nginx web servers. Linux has also found its way to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices which are mostly used in research and development.

If you are not yet convinced on why you should embrace Linux in the ever-changing technological space, then here are more reasons why you should make the switch to Linux.

1) Linux is free and opensource

As you know, purchasing a Windows desktop license can be pricey, leave alone the server version. Mac OS comes already packaged in the hardware leaving no choice but to purchase the entire machine.

In sharp contrast, Linux is available for download at absolutely no cost! Save for a few enterprise distributions such as RHEL (Redhat Enterprise Linux) most Linux distributions are free to download and install. Additionally, most Linux distributions ship with out-of-the-box applications for everyday use such as Firefox browser, audio and video apps such as VLC and Mplayer, Office productivity tools like LibreOffice, calendar & calculator apps and so much more. Most Linux distributions have upped their game to provide stunning and elegant desktop environments such as GNOME, KDE Plasma and Deepin alongside a polished set of icons for desktop users and beginners.

One of the most crucial and striking aspects of Linux is the availability of its source code unlike proprietary systems like Windows and mac-OS. Users can not only view the code but also modify and redistribute the code to other users. Over time, this has given rise to multiple Linux flavors and a huge community of opensource developers.

2) Linux is stable and secure

Linux is renowned as a fast and stable operating system compared to its Windows counterpart. A Linux server can stay live for a long period without compromising its performance unlike Windows that needs periodic reboots to keep performing at optimal levels. For this reason, Linux comes as a system of choice for most cloud servers including web, database and application servers.

In comparison to Windows, Linux is considered more secure and offers a heightened degree of privacy & confidentiality. In fact, some Linux distributions such as Tails and Discreet Linux were developed with privacy in mind.

3) Availability of tons of software applications

I have used Linux for nearly 6 years and what has made my experience worthwhile and exciting is the availability of tons of packages from various repositories. Ubuntu repository alone provides over 50,000 software packages for download! Recently, they launched snap packages which are zipped packages that ship with their own libraries and dependencies which further simplify software installation. Additionally, you can browse an array of software application the Software Center that comes with almost every distro and install your preferred application.

4) Unlimited Customization

One of the most exciting things about Linux is the ability to customize its look and feel in every possible way you can fathom. You can install as many desktop environments as you with and get to savour the appeal that each has to offer. Additionally, you can tweak the Window managers, icons, notification bars and select your preferred theme or wallpaper. Each distribution is unique in its own way offering you a wide array of customization options to end up with the UI of your choice.

5) Jump-starting an old PC

If you have an old PC sitting somewhere gathering dust and wondering what to do with it, don’t dispose of it yet. The Linux community has availed some lightweight flavors that are ideal for old machines with low system specifications. With only 1 GB RAM and 5Gb of hard disk space, you can readily install any of these lightweight Linux distros: Linux Lite LXLE, AntiX, TinyCore, MX Linux and Sparky Linux to mention a few.

6) Stellar Community Support

Having been built around an opensource project, Linux boasts of a wide community of vibrant developers and enthusiasts who are ready to provide assistance in case you get stuck. More importantly, there are tons of online forums that you can visit and acquire more knowledge on various Linux tips and tricks.


As technology evolves with every passing minute, knowledge of using the Linux operating system is becoming valuable. In fact, now more than ever, there’s a huge demand for professionals with Linux skills. If you are in the IT industry, we cannot emphasize more how competency in Linux is. Linux will unlock doors to advanced technologies such as Docker and Ansible. We hope that we have convinced you enough on why you should use Linux and what the future holds for Linux and users with Linux expertise.