Raspberry Pi Will Fund One Million Pound In Education

Rasberry Pi has recently announced the establishment of Raspberry Pi Education Fund, a worldwide fund of one million pounds with the main goal of helping kids and teens understand computing.

The Foundation has a charitable nature so prioritization will be given to organizations that have a not-for-profit ethos.This is a very good thing because many clubs and organizations have the opportunity to become part of this big project.

The fund is currently taking proposals from anyone in Earth, as long as they are written in English language.

Do you like to send a proposal? Good, but first you need to know that the Raspberry Pi Education Fund is looking for projects that will enhance children’s understanding of computing.

“Successful applicants will be those who have demonstrated that their projects will enhance children’s understanding of computing; or show how knowledge of computing enhances learning in other subjects – particularly, but not exclusively, STEM and the creative arts.”, reads the official announcement.

You can find more information here.