Radio Tray 0.6.3 comes with resume parameter, application indicator and user-agent information| Updated

Announced today the release of Radio Tray 0.6.2, this new version comes to fix some bugs and added some new features like the resume parameter to play last radio station, application indicator support, Added user-agent information, Added sleep timer and finally Updated translations and added a few more.

Update 22-01-2010: Radio Tray 0.6.3 has been released, this verion has no new features and comes just to fix some bugs.

About Radio Tray:

Radio Tray is an online radio streaming player that runs on a Linux system tray. Its goal is to have the minimum interface possible, making it very straightforward to use.
Radio Tray is not a full featured music player, there are plenty of excellent music players already. However, there was a need for a simple application with minimal interface just to listen to online radios. And that’s the sole purpose of Radio Tray.
Radio Tray is Free Software, licensed under the GPL


  • plays most media formats (based on gstreamer libraries)
  • bookmarks support, with sorting
  • easy to use
  • supports PLS playlist format (Shoutcast/Icecast)
  • supports M3U playlist format
  • supports ASX, WAX and WVX playlist format

Download Radio Tray 0.6.3 , For  Ubuntu / Debian download  the .deb package