Quick Updates From KDE, KDE 4.12 To Be Released On December

Hello guys, i have some good news from the KDE project. The KDE team is very strict with the release dates and this helps alot to make a very successful project. The KDE software team has published the release schedule of the KDE 4.12. The Team has planed to put out the KDE 4.12 release on the 18th of December. There is also something happening on April 29, 2014. What? The fifth maintenance release for KDE 4.12 is expected.

The ┬áKDE SC 4.12 Message Freeze will happen on October 30 and all GUI strings will be frozen on this date. Wait guys, i ┬áhave not finished yet, there will be two KDE 4.12 beta releases on November. The first Beta release is on November 6 and the second Beta release is very close, on November 13. Do you have a friend that it a linux geek and wants to learn more about KDE 4.12 release news? Why don’t you show this article to him?

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