[QUICK TIP] How To Change The GRUB 2 Default Timeout


How can I change the default timeout for choosing distro to boot with? I always find myself been caught by the default time.


If you are a user of two or more distros on a computer then you might find this tip very useful. By default GRUB 2 timeout is set to 5 Seconds. If don’t press the cursor/Enter key to choose the distro to boot. The currently highlighted distro is booted. To extend this time, all you need is to change the GRUB_TIMEOUT parameter in grub configuration file.

To do this Open Terminal:

In your favourite editor open /etc/default/grub as root:

sudo vi /etc/default/grub

Change the value of GRUB_TIMEOUT from 5 (As shown in the image below) to say 10 and save.


Next run:

sudo update-grub