Quick News – Firefox Will Remain The Default browser In Ubuntu 13.10

Hello guys, how are you? It is time for some Ubuntu 13.10 news. After a long debate on which browser should be the default browser for Ubuntu 13.10, finally developers decided that Firefox will remain the default browser in Ubuntu 13.10. The fact that Firefox browser will remain the default browser is confirmed by Jason Warner, Ubuntu Desktop manager at Canonical. There is a way to download and install Chromium web browser too, Chromium will be available for installation in the Ubuntu  Software Center.

Why did the developers decide that Firefox should remain the default browser on Ubuntu 13.10? Cannonical is very honest with Ubuntu users and it respect their opinions, around the time of original proposal Ubuntu users had the chance to vote on a poll for the browser they would like to see installed by default on Ubuntu. The results showed that Firefox was the winner of this browser battle. Firefox had more than 50 percent of total votes.


When it comes to browsers it is all about personal preferences and we should not be naive to dis our browsers only because we think the browser we use is the best. There are features that our favourite browser may not have when compared to other browsers, and there are many features other browsers don’t have when compared to our favourite browser. For me firefox works well and it has PDF support, which Chromium doesn’t have, but it does not mean that i have to dis Chromium for that.

Firefox runs smooth and it is still the favourite browser to Ubuntu users. Now i want to know your opinion in the comments below, what do you think? Which browser do you use? Do you think that Firefox is the best default browser for Ubuntu, or is it just a matter of personal preferences? Tell me guys, don’t be shy.