qBittorrent v3.1.5 released! Install in Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS And Pear OS

qBittorrent is a cross platform free and open source bittorrent client designed as an alternative the popular µtorrent client written in C++ / Qt4, using the libtorrent-rasterbar library. qBittorrent is developed by volunteers. The latest version, qBittorrent 3.1.5 released on January 17, 2014.


qBittorrent v3.1.5 comes with lot of bug fixes, below:

– Fix compilation with Qt 4.7. Closes #1215. (sledgehammer999)
– Third attempt at fixing saving settings on OS shutdown. (sledgehammer999)
– Preview now correctly uses the selected file. Closes #1222 #1182. (sledgehammer999)
– Allow to resize the columns in Add New Torrent dialog. Closes #1207 #676 (sledgehammer999)
– Ensure that at least one column in the tranferlist is always visible. Closes #1165. (sledgehammer999)
– Ensure that the options window will always be placed onscreen. Closes #1226. (sledgehammer999)
– Delete temporary files after they aren’t needed. Closes #1188. (sledgehammer999)
– Correctly detect libtorrent version. (sledgehammer999)
– Various code cppcheck fixes (Konstantin Goncharik)
– Remove isohunt search engine and update thepiratebay url (sledgehammer999)
– Fix rss settings corruption when checking regexp and going to other rule. (Gelmir)
– Don’t count paused torrents for the autoshutdown. Closes #1280. (sledgehammer999)
– Linux:Fix notifications with xfce4-notifyd.
– OSX:Added basic retina support. Closes #1251. (Sébastien Lavoie)
– OTHER: Sync translations from Transifex.

Install in Ubuntu via PPA

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hydr0g3n/qbittorrent-stable
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install qbittorrent

You can also compile from source by downloading tarball.