Protect Yourselves From Attacks On Public WiFi Networks With WiFi Protector

WiFi Protector - Android app

All the anti-virus programs in the world won’t help you if you log on the public WiFi at a coffee shop. Most of us do it to check our emails, log-in to facebook or google something. Now it’s so usual that you see half the people in any coffee shop on their Smartphones. But that has hidden dangers.

In a public network without any serious security measures, like most coffee places, any experienced user can:

• Steal our passwords
• Cyber stalk us
• Access our social profiles
• Disrupt our Internet traffic
• Having stolen our passwords, access our banking account

The cause for that are the known security assessment tools, which have already been transferred to applications that anyone can use. With the touch of a button anyone can see who is logged on a network and maybe even access our devices. Tests have been performed in a controlled environment with the most known Android tools and with WiFi Protector in our device we are protected from all of them.

WiFi Protector is a simple application which runs in the background when we are connected to a WiFi network. If another device attempt to use an attack against us, the application warns us that we’re under attack and even shows us the IP and MAC address of the device attacking us. That means that we know the guilty party and we can even have them prosecuted. Since the MAC address is unique to each device the authorities will be able to find them. The application has the ability to shut down our device’s WiFi any time it’s attacked, although if we had the root option activated we can continue our browsing uninterrupted and fully protected.

The most common attacks from Android devices are:

• ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) spoofing/poisoning
• MiTM (Man in The Middle)
• DoS (Denial of Service)

If you are ever attacked like that, you shouldn’t let it be. You never know what the attacker has gotten from your device. These attacks are illegal and you should contact the authorities if you think you have been attacked.

You should download the application from Play Store for free and install it on all your Android devices immediately.

To know more about the functionality of the WiFi Protector, have a look at the following video.