Praisenter: The Bible Made Easy

Praisenter is a free, cross-platform, open source application written in Java that can be used to display the Holy Bible verses, songs, and custom slides with image, video, audio, translucency and transition support to any external display such as Projector, Monitor or Television in Churches or in any Christian events.

While Praisenter is offering large set of features, it doesn’t meant that it will replace the whole bible usage. It only provides verses of Holy Bible with the help of the Unbound Bible. So we don’t have to manually take verses or copy/paste them into a word/power point documents. Not only verses, the same goes for Songs and as well as notifications.

Praisenter supports many translations. If you’re searching for a translation other than Praisenter default, you can get them here. Please make sure that you’re not using any copyrighted translations. If you violate the copyrights, the consequences are up to you. Either we or Praisenter will not be responsible for any copyright violation .

System Requirements

To use Praisenter, a minimum of the following is required:

– Linux (32/64 bit), Microsoft Windows (32/64 bit), Mac OS X (64 bit only).
– Java 7 or higher.
– 512 MB RAM, 1 GB RAM is recommended.
– Any multi-core CPU should be just fine.
– 2 or more video output ports.

Install Praisenter On Ubuntu / Linux Mint

First download the latest version of Praisenter from the official download page depending upon the platform you’re using. Make sure that you have installed Java 7 or higher in your system.

$ wget

Extract it using command:

$ unzip

Once you extracted, run it using command:

$ sudo java -jar Praisenter.jar

Please be mindful that Praisenter does not come with a default Bible installed. You will be asked to import the Bible when Praisenter starts the first time.  You can download Bibles from The Unbound Bible.  Be sure to read the bible copyright information carefully before use.

No Bibles Installed_013I have already download the English bible version from the Unbound Bible page. I am going to import the Bible by clicking on the Import Bible link on the above screen.

Open File_014Click Yes to import the Bible.

Import []?_015The selected Bible will be imported to Praisenter application.

Loading..._016After a few minutes, Bibles will be imported and Praisenter application will open.

Praisenter_017Now its time to use. As i mentioned earlier, you must have two or more displays like external Monitor or Projector etc. Once you select the verses or song or Notification text, hit Send button which is shown in the middle of the application. Now the output will be displayed on the external.

Hence i don’t have any external display, i couldn’t include the output screenshot. But i hope that you may get the output if you have additional display.

That’s it. Stay blessed!

Disclaimer: Neither I nor Unixmen team is not intended to propagate Christianity religion via Unixmen website. This is only for your reference.

Reference Links:

Praisenter Website