Popcorn Maker 1.0 launched by Mozilla

For those with a penchant for entertainment technologies Mozilla continues to provide innovative software. Its latest such release is aimed at those creative people who want a robust platform that allows them to create interactive videos, for free. Yes, the new web application called Popcorn Maker was recently launched at the Mozilla Festival.

Mozilla have proudly described it as ‘brand new way’ for telling stories over the web. Popcorn Maker is considered to be the next step in its Webmaker program, which aims at providing users a powerful tool that becomes the ‘building blocks’ that come with the open source legacy, and ensure that the learning process is always on.
Popcorn Maker is a HTML, CSS and JavaScript software and easy to work on thanks to the HTML 5 media toolkit it arrives with. Therefore, this allows users a plug-in opportunity and for easy and quick deployment across projects.
Aimed largely at the media entertainment developer community, the toolkit packs powerful features that are the delight of any creative, visual arts developer- as it is typically a Popcorn.js event framework on HTML 5 media and combines HTML as well as JavaScript.
As an authoring tool, Popcorn Maker, uses the Butter authoring library, using the Cornfield Server and easily works across several other open source projects, combing effectively to offer scope for a high-quality interactive video creation.
The one feature that could well make the difference for Popcorn Maker 1.0 is the simplified graphic user interface that involves Popcorn.js including the same timeline controls most developers are familiar with.
Though Mozilla foundation expects that Popcorn with its professional video-making features is going to get a huge student community working on home-brews while at the other end of the spectrum will be media professionals from the ad-making community, journalists, film makers and avid bloggers keen on graphic technologists to fully exploit the entire range of features PopCorn1.0 will offer its users.
The straightforward advantages with this software is that it allows users to perform a host of functions such as remixing, enhancing any work that they create.
Users even have the added ‘social feature’ to this software- they can then share their online creations – a mature and sophisticated online video – with a simple drag and drop routine.
The powerful features that expect PopCorn Maker1.0 to become the defining software for interactive media software are in these feature- web videos that interact with its audience.
The online video can now have a real-time social media feed feature, include maps, update on news and data graphics as it happens.
Users can import the popcorn maker from any of the top video based online media channels such as Vimeo or YouTube or Soundcloud or any other HTML 5 video –based content.
Available under the MIT license, Popcorn Maker 1.0 will soon make a significant impact on how videos of the future shall be.