PeerGuardian: A Privacy Oriented Firewall

PeerGuardian is a privacy oriented firewall application. It blocks connections to and from hosts specified in huge blocklists (thousands or millions of IP ranges). Its origin seeds in targeting aggressive IPs while you use P2P.

PeerGuardian is the official successor and based on the MoBlock fork NFBlock, blockcontrol and mobloquer. The usage is nearly identical, just type “pglcmd” instead of “blockcontrol”.

Install PeerGuardian On Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Add the PeerGuradian PPA with command:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jre-phoenix/ppa

Update the sources list:

$ sudo apt-get update

Now install peerguardian with command:

$ sudo apt-get install pgld pglcmd pglgui

While installing pgl, you will be asked to start pgl service automatically. Click on yes to start it automatically on every reboot.

sk@sk: ~_006Launch PeerGuardian

Open PeerGuradian either from your Dash or Menu.

PeerGuardian Linux - Blocking 184874 IP ranges (2832318144 IPs)._007Click on Update button to view the blocked incoming or outgoing connections.

Suppose if you trust some connections, just click on the respective connection and allow it either temporarily or permanently.


Warning: pgl may block your complete network/internet access after you installing PeerGuardian.

Using too many and/or inappropriate lists may seriously degrade your internet service. The configuration files are found in /etc/pgl/ directory.

To connect to internet again, go to Configure tab on the PeerGuardian interface.

PeerGuardian Linux - Blocking 184874 IP ranges (2832318144 IPs)._001In the white list section enter the Protocols(https, http, ftp etc), Port mumbers(80, 21 etc) or IP addresses( as shown below. Click on the (+) sign and add the protocol or port or ip address as shown below. For more details please refer this link.

Here i allow http and https protocols.

PeerGuardian Linux - Blocking 184874 IP ranges (2832318144 IPs)._002Click Apply to save the changes.

PeerGuardian Linux - Blocking 184874 IP ranges (2832318144 IPs)._003Now restart PeerGuradian from the main interface by clicking on the Restart button.

PeerGuardian Linux - Blocking 184874 IP ranges (2832318144 IPs)._004Or you can restart PeerGuardian service from command line using the following command.

$ sudo pglcmd restart

For more information about configuration and troubleshooting, visit the FAQ section of PeerGuradian.