PeaZip 5.2.0 Has Been Released

PeaZip is a cross-platform file and archive manager that supports 177 file extensions. Novice users don’t have to study guides on file compression or decompression because the drag and drop feature makes the PeaZip tool very friendly to everyone.

Do you care about your security? Cool, PeaZip offers file checksum and hash, two factor authentication and very strong encryption.

This nice tool offers full support (read and write) for:

– 7Z
– 7Z-sfx
– BZ2/TBZ2
– custom
– split

PeaZip is also available as a portable installation. This makes it a very practical tool and platform neutral. Just download and run in Linux or Windows.  Fast, powerful and open source.

PeaZip 5.2.0 Has Been Released

This release of PearZip contains various fixes, improvements and it reintroduces  local help file for offline support.  Is there any fix for PeaZip in Linux?

Yes!  Using output path as working directory has been fixed,  file deletion modes are improved and Fast mode (two pass random data) is now default mode for secure delete.

Get Peazip 5.2.0 for linux here.