PCBSD 8.2 comes with a number of enhancements and improvements

PCBSD 8.2 has been released!, the PC-BSD 8.2 (Hubble edition), running FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE, and KDE 4.5.5. Version 8.2 contains a number of enhancements and improvements, some of the notable changes are: added pcbsd_logo ability to select file-system type and encryption during auto-partitioning; able to toggle between MBR/GPT partitioning; arious bug fixes to the wireless network managers; updated the display wizard with many new supported resolutions; added ‘extractonly’ option to pc-sysinstall for installing to a pre-mounted disk; fixed some disk install errors from loading incorrect geom_ modules.


For a full list of changes, please refer to the changelog.

About PCBSD:

“PC-BSD has as its goals to be an easy-to-install-and-use desktop operating system, based on FreeBSD. To accomplish this, it currently has a graphical installation, which will enable even UNIX novices to easily install and get it running. It will also come with KDE pre-built, so that the desktop can be used immediately. Currently in development is a graphical software installation program, which will make installing pre-built software as easy as other popular operating systems.”


Download PCBSD8.2:

PC-BSD 32Bit (i386) Downloads

PC-BSD 64Bit (amd64) Downloads



PCBSD 8.2 screenshots tour:

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