Pardus 2011.2 has been released! A must try Linux OS

Pardus Linux 2011.2 is now available. In this update release, the NetworkManager have been updated to, problems about adding VPN connections havepardus been fixed, handle WLAN security passwords gracefully while upgrading distribution; ModemManager is updated to 0.5, improvements for Samsung modems, support access technology reporting for Qualcomm Gobi modems, fix communication with Nokia N900 devices; CUPS is updated to 1.4.8; LibreOffice is updated to 3.4.3, fixed crash closing document with footnotes; MPlayer – fixed crash playing subtitled videos which was triggered by FreeType 2.4.6 security update.

About Pardus:

“Pardus is a Linux based, free software licensed national operating system developed by TUBITAK/UEKAE. Pardus comes with just one CD, containing all the drivers and internet tools, office set, multimedia players, editors, games and many other applications aiming at meeting all the desktop needs of a informatics-literate computer user; is easily installed and even easier to use.

Pardus has a full support for Turkish, can be installed in 12 different languages and can run in more than 60 languages. Pardus is used by hundreds of thousand of users around the globe, not to mention many public organizations, government entities, non-governmental organizations, universities, and private businesses.”

Pardus has a range of unique features, such as Mudur, a start-up framework of Pardus to speed up the boot process. PiSi, an efficient package management system with a user-friendly graphical interface, and Kaptan Desktop – an application aimed at helping you set up your Pardus environment.

  • PiSi package management

PiSi (Packages Installed Successfully as Intended, /ˈpiːsiː/) is the package management system of Pardus. It is the primary tool for installing, upgrading and removing software packages. PiSi stores and handles the dependencies for the various packages, libraries, and COMAR tasks. “Pisi” is a Turkish word meaning “kitty”, intended as a pun on the distribution’s name.

In Pardus, to install a package from terminal, you need to use pisi install command :

pisi install Package_name

To update the repository you type:

pisi update-repo

For more info about using pisi, open terminal and type

 pisi help 


Download Pardus

32bit:  Pardus-2011.2-i686.iso   

64 bit: Pardus-2011.2-x86_64.iso