Pandora FMS 5.0 is Out!

Pandora FMS is a performance & availability monitoring system, ready for big environments. It uses agents for local monitoring and can do several kinds of remote network monitoring (SNMP v3, TCP checks, remote WMI probes…) Agents works on Linux, Windows, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and BSD systems.

Pandora FMS is highly scalable (up to 2000 nodes with one single server), completely web-driven and a multitenant interface. It has a very flexible ACL system and a lot of graphical reports and user-defined control screens.


– Network monitoring
– WMI monitoring
– Agent monitoring (for all OS)
– Graphical reporting, based on it’s own SQL backend
– SLA, and ITIL KPI metrics on reporting
– Status & Performance monitoring
– GIS tracking and viewing
– Inventory management (Local and remote)
– User defined visual console screens and Dashboards WYSIWYG
– Very high capacity (Thousands of devices)
– Multiuser, several levels of ACL management.

What’s new in Pandora FMS 5.0?

1. A completely renovated interface

Pandora FMS 5.0 looks much more beautiful now. With a completely renovated layout and a powerful graphic engine based on interactive Flot (HTLM5), the new interface lets you zoom in and out and get interactive windows without using Flash. Furthermore, Pandora FMS has a new console for mobile devices and tablets.

1_mobile_console2_new_interface2. New reports, Graphics and Templates

With the new templates, two clicks are enough to create a standard report with combined graphs and covers. Furthermore, The new charts show data lacks of time. The SLA reports have been improved to exclude planned downtime.

3. Metaconsole

The Metaconsole is a new self-service console designed to facilitate the monitoring configuration to our new users. Through the Wizard on predesigned components, users can manage their own monitoring. This system to operate and display data is completely new and lets you access several Pandora FMS servers simultaneously.

3_new_metaconsola4. Intensive Network Check

Fast retry in case of errors (eg ping interval / 5 seconds for a couple of tries), and its equivalent in local checks (by agent).

5. SNMP System Enhancements

New browser, improved support for traps with a capture system of advanced trap variables, new macros and a better charging system of MIBs.

4_SNMP_system6. Collecting logs

Pandora FMS Enterprise has a solution to manage hundreds of megabytes of data per day. This solution allows you to reuse the same monitoring agents to collect log data by using a similar syntax to the current monitoring logs. The logs collected by the agents (eventlog or text files) are literally stored (RAW) in the disk of the Pandora FMS server. With these data, you can perform researches on thousands of lines of logs of our systems.

5_log_viewer7. Netflow

This technology is used to analyze in real-time large networks traffic. It helps you find problems, misuses and create capacity plans by using data from the backbone routers. With Pandora FMS, you can make real-time queries and see reports by IP, protocol, traffic, etc.

8. Service Trees

The Business Plan Monitoring (BPM) has a visual system to built service trees. Thus, you can draw the hierarchy and content of the services and their dependencies.

6_service_trees9. Improved Event Management

With the new Pandora FMS event management console, you can see all the information of your organization in a single view. Besides, you can export events to other systems or use Pandora as a tool to centralize events, including correlation.

How to get Pandora FMS 5.0?

Enterprise version:

Request a free trial of Pandora FMS 5.0 Enterprise ( and evaluate the tool for thirty days.

Open Source version:

Pandora FMS Open Source will be available as a free download from our website (

Additional Resources:

– To learn more about Pandora FMS 5.0, go to

– To learn more about partnering on the Pandora FMS Program, go to

– For additional questions, contact us (