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Linux in education: operating systems for learning and teaching

Nowadays, programming contributes a lot to education to make learning more exciting and easier. We are not only talking about creating many programs like...

Stellar Repair for MySQL: Linux Version Review

  MySQL is one of the most widely used database technologies for storing business- and organization-critical data. While MySQL is reliable, computers have the tendency...

The easiest way to learn Linux for students

Linux is a strong, stable and reliable operating system which, if enough resources are available, allows hundreds of users to run programs simultaneously on...

TOP 5 important aspects when learning Linux for a beginner

Linux is an open-source operating system that has gained popularity in recent years. Many people are switching to Linux because it is more secure...

Top 10 Linux Distros for Small Students

  If your question is what is the best Linux distribution for small students? Then the answer would not be one. This is because of...

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Everything you should know about RHCSA Certification

Things you should know about RHCSA Certification Exam RHCSA or Red Hat Certified System administration exam is designed to test your knowledge and skills which...