Operas Beta Dragonfly for WebDevelopers

For open source web developers, here is an advanced new kid on the bloc, the Dragonfly debugger, the beta of which was recently launched by Opera. Opera is one of the top three web browsers and is differently-abled from the regular browsers. However, Dragonfly is a first for Opera in more than one sense. They are offering it as an open source much to the delight of Opera admirers.


Incepted as open source

Dragonfly of Norwegian origins began in 2008 as a BSD license open source project. In May 2010 they’ve moved to BitBucket and operate under an Apache license for greater patent protection. What it offers developers is easy development as well as debugging (which is a full feature) tool which is twinned to the browser itself. This means you do not have to download or setup as it simply opens on all of Opera’s browsers as well as Opera Mobile and Opera Widgets, the Opera Presto suite products. It can connect remotely on non-PC devices enabling developers to debug sites that are operating on say the Opera Mobile.

What the Dragonfly does best

The Opera Dragonfly beta is the bug eater and that name originates from its powerful sighting and resolving capabilities. A variant of the Firebug tool (Mozilla’s) genre Dragonfly debugs JavaScript codes. It is positioned to handle errors occurring in CSS, DOM as well as HTML code. What probably makes it more interesting is its capability for new generation of technologies like SVG as well as HTML 5 APIs.

Where Dragonfly delivers is..

The Dragonfly asset is the network inspector that offers a window-view of all the resources the application handles/loads. The fact that works in favor of the dragonfly is its ability to track the order as well as the look of the loads. Another of the features on which the dragonfly is able to deliver is the storage inspector. It allows for detailed update as well as the testing for cookies. The HTML 5 Web storage API can easily be updated too.

Enabled for Widgets the Opera Dragonfly can choose colors and the screen magnifies to help out with the colors from the website. This is one of the best utilities that allow you to pick out colors from bitmap images for future use. These chosen colors can go onto the palette and worked on in whenever required.

Significance of Dragonfly on Open source

Having the dragonfly on open source is that it throws open to web developers a very powerful debugging tool that makes the hard and result-oriented code development one step easier, simpler and faster. It is almost like having your own spell-check, on a text editor, on auto mode. The dragonfly with its sophisticated but simple tools will help you identify the loose ends as you wade through hundreds of pages of codes. With the open source opportunity dragon fly is sure poised for greater capabilities. Given the sea of millions of focused minds developing innumerable codes, Opera’s beta dragonfly project will simply become a more powerful tool that will help someday develop something more powerful and capable than the Dragonfly.


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