Opera 11.10, a treat for you!

Opera 11.10 (codename “Barracuda”) launches today! Two features that get major polish are: Speed Dail & Opera Turbo.opera-logo

Speed Dail: Opera was the first one to introduce “Speed dail” to access one’s most frequently used websites in few clicks. This time, Opera has further improved this feature. Now whenever you open a new tab, you will find your Speed dail page! Now you can assign unlimited speed-dials


Opera Turbo: This feature is integrated to particulalry facilitate opera users that have a slow-internet-connection. Jan Standal, VP of Desktop Products, Opera Software states “The Opera Turbo feature is crucial for anyone who travels or just has a slow Internet connection” . Smart and much faster browsing is made possible by reducing the size of the web-page. As the size of the web-page is reduces, consequently the webpage will load sooner. Jan adds “By reducing the size of the page, we can make browsing so much faster. So whether you’re at a crowded Starbucks in San Francisco or are using a 3G modem in Sri Lanka, Opera Turbo can give you a better browsing experience.”

Other prominent features are:

Automatic Flash download: Now Opera will download Flash automatically and install it for you in the background when you visit a page that requires the plugin!

Under the Hood Improvements: The following improvements are added into the new browser:

  • Support for CSS3’s multi-column layouts & gradients
  • Support for WOFF (Web Open Font Format)
  • Support for Google’s WebP image format

automatically and install it in the background when you visit a page that requires the plugin

Tab Stacking: This feature lets you to group your tabs. Simply drag one tab over the other to group it. This feature is very handy in keeping your browsing sessions neat and organized!


Mouse Gestures: Now one can perform common browsing action with mouse. To use this feature hold down the right mouse button on a webpage, and this will show you a visual guide that indicates how to perform available gestures.

Further, the new browser supports 50 languages. Seven new languages have been added to the latest version i.e. Afrikaans, Azerbaijani, Montenegrin, Malay, Tagalog, Thai and Uzbeck.

Improvements in Opera, make it the fastest broswer so far! Jan Standal claims “Barracuda is our first release in the new year and shows off some of our freshest ideas to make your browsing easier!”. If you are an Opera lover, then the broswer has brought some great treat for you!

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