How To Open Your System File Manager From The Terminal

It is always fast, interesting and fun doing things via the Terminal. The terminal is really power as we say everyday to those who don’t want to hear it mentioned or see you type in it.

Today we going to look at how to open our system’s default manager from the terminal.

There are a lot of file managers for various Linux distros. It depends.

Below are some desktop environments are there specific commands for launching:

(Note the . [dot] at the end of each command.

GNOME Desktop:

gnome-open .

Dolphin on KDE Distros:

dolphin .

Nautilus (Ubuntu):

nautilus .

Thunar (XFCE):

thunar .


pcmanfm .

You don’t have to know your file manager in other to do this. The command below works in all desktop environments using the default file manager:

xdg-open .