Onda V80 SE Tablet Review

Before you get up in arms about how Unixmen is about Linux and open source, let me just say that these product reviews will be few and somewhat rare.  But when we are sent interesting products to review, we tend to give them a chance.  This time, we are reviewing a Chinese tablet called the Onda V80.  And guess what, we were pleasantly surprised.

For only $90, this large tablet is on par with Amazon Fire Tablet, which is on the lower end of the tablet pricing market.  The differences between the two are quite interesting.  On the one hand, the V80 comes with an odd Chinese Android operating system, which is mixed between English and Chinese.  For the english-speaking sector, out of the box, this can be a bit of a turn off… but there are settings to alleviate this.

Secondarily, this tablet is really fast for the price, and seems to outperform the Amazon Fire Tablet by a mile. It could just be that this unit is stripped down and doesn’t come with a lot of pre-loaded material, but it feels good. In addition, if you wanted to play with the operating system or install something else, this feels like the perfect unit for that.

So let’s do a breakdown:

-Language mix can be confusing upon first open
-Feels a bit light for what it is, experience is very plastic-y

-Fast operating system
-Large, high resolution screen
-Speedy web experience

In the end, we think this is a perfect tablet for business use on the go.  It has a fast browser experience and in the world of tablets under $100, this one feels well worth it.