Ofris- An opensource alternative to Deep Freeze application

Many times people go to public places like library and cybercafé where computers are kept with online access. While using the computers at such places we download the files, create some new files, make some changes in the desktop, add icons and also change some settings. At such places it is common practice that the administrators use the Deep Freeze application that enables removing all the files and settings and reset the computer to the original condition that it was

in before starting it. To bring the computer to the original state it has just to be restarted and Deep Freeze application performs its task. Deep Freeze application is compatible with Windows OS.

Ofris is an application that perform function similar to Deep Freeze, but for Ubuntu Linux. When Ofris is installed in Linux based computer it can be reset to the original condition within seconds just by restarting the computer. Thus if your computer is being used by many people and they keep on adding or deleting files, and change the settings, it can be reset to the original state just by restarting the computer. One can make default settings and go back to them every time the computer is started with Ofris. Ofris freezes all the changes made in the computer when the system is restarted.

Besides the public places, Ofris can also be very useful for the developers, software reviewers, people interested using different types of software etc. Such people can just freeze the computer and they can use any potentially dangerous software and check their various functions. When the computer is restarted everything resets to default state.

Ofris can be used in Linux for not only freezing the system, but also any particular user. Using the software and selecting the freezing options is very easy. See the image below If the option of “User” is selected the freezing will occur for a particular user only.


Image source .multimediaboom.com

Installation of Ofris

Ofris is available for Ubuntu 10.04, and 10.10. The commands required for the installation of Ofris are:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tldm217/tahutek.net
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ofris-en

The last command helps installing English version of the software, the normal package with “Ofris” will install Indonesian version.

After installing the software you can run it from terminal by typing 


. You can select what you want to freeze like complete system or the user, as shown in the above image. If you want you can later unfreeze the system in a similar way.

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