Obmenu: The OpenBox Menu Editor

Obmenu is a menu editor designed for openbox. It’s easy to use, allowing to get the most out of the powerful Openbox menu system, while hiding the xml layout from the user.


In this tutorial am using Crunchbang 11 ‘Waldorf’ which comes with Openbox as default desktop environment

Why a graphical menu editor?

Because Openbox menus are written in XML, what gives them a lot of flexibility; but make them harder to edit. It’s just too much work to write a big menu from scratch or even adding a single program.

If you’re using Openbox desktop environment like Cranchbang, then you should have obmenu is pre-installed. If you don’t have, run:

sudo apt-get install obmenu

Using Obmenu

To launch obmenu, Press ALT + F2 enter obmenu


With the interface you can easily:

  • Add and edit:
    • menus
    • items
  • Delete menus and items

In the image below, I’ve added an item with name JSOM and command to execute it:


Since obmenu restarts Openbox automatically, changes will take place immediately, as it appears below: