Now Home servers are a click away with BeedBox Project

BeedBox Project is a new GNU/Linux distribution hosting project developed on Debian. The project’s aim is to help you in creating your own small server at your beedboxhome. The goal is to enable you to host your own emails, photos, blogs as well as your social network. Definitely exciting and technically creative as this will surely help overcome the server-hosting logistics, so many of us are familiar with the commercial vendors we invariably face in our everyday internet activities. The aim is to make it as user friendly and easy to use with either a simple web interface or the command line itself to host our ‘small server@home’ and will takes just a few clicks from you.

Why, Is there a Beedbox requirement?

As we understand open source capabilities and its advantages, it has been rather disappointing to be handing out personal data to the likes of Google, Twitter or Flickr and understanding there are further commercial gains for these by reselling critical user data.

The need to have control over our own data and instead of allowing to be in the public domain is the core competency of Project BeedBox. Hosting own data at home would be the most effective way to remain on the social media platform and yet regain control on personal data/statistics.

Tech details

At the core of Project Beedbox, it remains a well developed Debian distro that we could say ‘empowers’ home or independent users to seek to host their activities directly on the internet without having to rely on or seek unreliable support from third party/free web hosts. Newer hardware and powerful software are the key-drivers that will eventually give the technical tool to host our own servers.

Simply put the BeedBox will be a box connected to your modem, in fact all types from ADSL , fiber modem are supported. Then seek an user account and opt for the services with the web interface.

It could well be a web server with integrated blog engine, a photo-share option, videos , RSS-enabled that you opt for and will be enabled for you. Additional features could be applications for mail servers, IMs, Social media and even VOIP.

Reasons that encourage Project Beedbox

Small servers are technically ‘green’ solutions in comparison to the massive hosted, third party solutions. Top it with a robust and massive Debian Operating System, application suite that will allow install, configure as well as administer your own server. That will not only assuage the ‘techy’ part of us but will also be a fun and surely explorative, challenge we have done in the few years past.

In a broader sense, open source projects such as Beedbox will help break free from the refraining shackles of perhaps the ‘MInitel 2.0’ and Inc. where all third part large servers consolidate to offer ‘real Internet capabilities.’


Today, logging onto Facebook, twitter and any of their ilk is not only exposing ourselves to third parties accessing personal data but also permitting them to reuse it. With home server solutions that Beedbox is capable of offering, perhaps we can rest easy that our children are safe using Beedbox social media applications!

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