Ninite: Install And Update All Softwares At Once

Hi there, Have you heard about Ninite? No?, Ok no problem. Let me give a short introduction about Ninite. Ninite is a simple but useful utility to ease our all software installation/updation at once.  It offers many everyday usage applications such as Google Chrome, Libre Office, VLC and GIMP etc.

Ninite will do the following things for you:

– start working as soon as you run it
– not bother you with any choices or options
– install apps in their default location
– say no to toolbars or extra junk
– install 64-bit apps on 64-bit machines
– install apps in your PC’s language or one you choose- do all its work in the background
– install the latest stable version of an app
– skip up-to-date apps
– skip any reboot requests from installers
– use your proxy settings from your browser
– download apps from each publisher’s official site
– verify digital signatures or hashes before running anything
– work best if you turn off any web filters or firewalls
– save you a lot of time!

Unlike other applications, it doesn’t ask you to continuously click Next or accept License agreement or any crap. It simply bypasses all installation dialogs and goes with default settings of the selected software and offers painless software installation. All you to do is just go to the Ninite website and select the application you’d like to install.

In the Ninite website select your Platform(Windows or Linux) on the top menu. I choose Linux.

Ninite for Linux - Mozilla Firefox_021Select the application you’d like to install and click on the Get Installer button in the bottom. For example i am going to install Dropbox software. You can select multiple applications if you wish. After selecting the applications, click on big green coloured Get Installer button at the bottom.

Ninite for Linux - Mozilla Firefox_022Now you will get an ninite.deb file that contains the installation source of the selected software. And one more thing it is smart enough to make the installation file depending upon the Linux distribution you’re using. As i am using Ubuntu, i got a .deb file.If you are using some others distributions, you will have the respective installation file.

After getting the installation file, just double click to begin installation. Click Install Package.

Package Installer - ninite_023It will automatically start to installing the software with all dependencies. You don’t have to any extra mouse/keyboard clicks, just sit back and watch. It will take some time to finish the installation depending upon your Internet speed.

Ninite_026After few minutes, you will get a confirmation message of successful installation.

Ninite_020That’s it. We have installed the software successfully. Press enter to exit the ninite installer. Now launch it either from Dash or Menu and start using the application.


Dropbox Setup_028Some Disadvantages too?

Every piece of software has some good and bad things too. The bad from Ninite during testing this app is no custom path selection of software. That is if you want to install it on a custom path you won’t get that choice. Ninite will bypasses all installation dialogs and install them by accepting the default settings of each application.

And another problem i faced during testing is the installer failed to install the Dropbox software on the first time. On the second attempt, i got successful installation of Dropbox. I don’t know why it failed at first time.

Ninite_019Ninite is still in beta stage for Linux. Hope these bugs will be cleared on the stable release. Apart from these minor bugs, it does the job as advertised. I wonder the idea of this software. Really brilliant idea, isn’t it?

Also Ninite Team has Paid version called Ninite Pro to make your life easier with hundred of applications. Whether you just want to make sure your PCs are secure and up-to-date, or if you’re a repair tech, IT professional, or managed service provider, Ninite Pro can help you work faster and better. You can find the Ninite Pro plans here.