New ubuntu based distribution now offered on Thin Client computers

New thin client products MT2300/ST6800, by Computer Lab International (CLI), are now available on client-optimized operating system on the Ubuntu platform. The reason for this platform migration was the necessity for a strong performing platform like Linux with its inherent capability for being simple yet highly flexible and precision efficiency.

CLI proud of product innovation

The Ubuntu based OS for the CLI device is a generational growth as it effectively brings to its global market demands an excellent scalable solution that is not only powerful (the core feature of the Linux) but also offers greater flexibility, simplicity and security combining it with unmatched performance. CLIs offer is a milestone achievement in the thin client segment for start-ups to emulate.

How is the power OS optimized?

CLI offers a very effective tool for managing enterprise devices- its CLI Device Manager. CLI has very intelligently empowered its highly scalable device manager to deploy and manage the new device. The friendly features are turbo powered for a very simple and easy to use experience. The additional capabilities include- the newest version of the Firefox browser; a well developed support features for printing; a very effective Synaptic Package Manager and the ever useful Kiosk. As usual it is easy to configure and deploy Linux features and every seasoned device user wants to sink their teeth into the new thin client on the MT2300 and the ST6800.

The released OS saw a structured development with constant feedback to the development team from end users. The result is clean, crisp superiorly capable OS for something as unlikely as the thin client devices. The Director of Technology at Computer Lab International, Jason Marshall strong believes that this new offering cleverly bridges the traditional gap for Linux and a full windows operation. However, what CLI has been able to achieve is fabulous value creation for the device with the robust Linux but retaining a very competitive price bandwidth.

CLI offers services in the virtual desktop devices segment and ensures easy upgrade of legacy systems through thin clients, management software and midrange terminal management. Additionally, CLI products are aimed at minimum threshold for introducing system enhancements. Besides, these devices break even in terms of investment within a very short period as far as IT investments are concerned.

Features of the CLI thin client- MT2300 and ST6800 on Ubuntu

The MT2300 support VMWare View4, RDP, the Citrix ICA 11 protocols and the VNC client/server. Its host terminal emulations include the RMB 5250, 3270 and the DEC VT-420. What the client does to allow application on Microsoft Windows Terminal Server 2003, 2008; minaframe, midrange, Citrix Metaframe, Unix seamlessly on a free SNMP Administrator.

The MT2300 is evolved from the MT1500t and mounts VESA behind the monitor, works on the Via Technologies ViaEden C7  on a 500MHz clock. The processor has a Via VX855 with a northbridge/southbridge chipset.

The ST6800 is available in the tower-format on the Via Eden C7 on a faster 1.6MGHz. This too has the VX855 chipset and has similar features as the MT 2300.