New Age Android vs iOS


The Android versus iOS debate is a never ending one. With both the OS’s adding more and more features every day, one can never really stop comparing them. They have been the reason of many dinners going wrong or friends parting ways. We try to put the debate to an end. Here is a comparison between Android and the iOS:


During navigation, the Android keys feature recent apps, home, and back keys. These keys auto hide while watching videos. They also turn into dots while viewing photos.

The iOS has a round back button which appears at the top left portion of the screen. The round button at the bottom performs many functions. These include waking the device, switching apps, launching Siri etc.

The lockscreen on both the OSs is simple. The day, time and, date is visible on the lockscreens. The lockscreen of Android offers more features than those in iOS. One can personalize the features on it in Android. However, iOS only offers the user to view a picture slideshow directly from the lockscreen.

The homescreen of Android offers features like widgets and live wallpapers. The iOS screen offers apps to be grouped. No live wallpaper can be used in it. A search bar is available on both the homescreens.

The widgets are available in the notification bar in iOS. From stock to weather, you can assign different tones to each alert or notification. However, this is not the case in Android. iOS also offers better customizing options.

Communication features

The contact list in Android is much more interactive than iOS. Android is also beneficial because one can sync his Google and Google+ accounts with the device. However, iOS offers you to backup your contacts on iCloud or iTunes.

Both iOS and Android are similar in terms of the Messages app. However, Android auto-deletes unlocked and old SMSs and MMSs. This is not available in the iOS.

Apps & Widgets

Android uses Google Play Store to download apps while the App Store is used in iOS. Both of these offer high security while downloading apps. While Android requests permissions before installing the app, iOS requires you to grant permissions while running the app.


The camera apps are available directly on the home and lock screens in both iOS and Android. The Android camera provides you with features like: time lapse recording, changing capture size of image and video, photo sphere, five scene modes etc. The Android certainly has a better Camera App. But Gallery app in Android does not let you create albums. This feature is however available in iOS. Simple editing and transformation features are available in both the OSs.


This is the most important feature in any device. Both Android and iOS offer great security features. Android offers face unlock, improved Android permission list, Pattern lock etc. Apple erases data on the device after ten failed unlocking attempts. One can also not install apps from anywhere other than the iStore. The iOS sends a notification to your ID in case your Apple account is used on some other device.

This is just a concise description for of the differences between the two OSs. As we mentioned before, the platforms are developing each day. That means one can never be sure which one is better. The ultimate decision of the winner lies with the customer!