Netflix Brings Native Playback To Ubuntu

Netflix is going to bring native HTML5 playback in Ubuntu, making all Ubuntu users happy so they finally don’t have to hack their user agent anymore. According to an email sent to the Ubuntu Developer mailing by Netflix’s Paul Adolph, the one and only thing to do in order to have native HTML 5 playback in your Ubuntu machine is to install NSS version 3.16.2 or greater.

“Netflix will play with Chrome stable in 14.02 if NSS version 3.16.2 or greater is installed. If this version is generally installed across 14.02, Netflix would be able to make a change so users would no longer have to hack their User-Agent to play.”, writes Paul.

But for those that have no idea about NSS, what is it? NSS stands for network security services, it is a set of libraries that supports a range of security-enabled client and server applications.

Unfortunately Ubuntu 14.04 LTS codenamed Trusty Tahr uses NSS v3.15.x, but Canonical said they will update it within the next two weeks through a security update.

As for the upcoming Ubuntu 14.10 release, it is a fact that it will offer he newer NSS v3.17.