Munich Is Giving Free Ubuntu 12.04 LTS CDs To Its Citizens

The city of Munich is now giving away Ubuntu 12.04 LTS cds to the citizens of the city, educating them with open source technologies in order to increase the number of people using open source software. This is a very good initiative by the the Munich City Library, promoting Ubuntu to the people as a replacement for their Windows operating system.

The city is now well known for the migration of its public administration from Windows to Linux, an implementation that took years to take place which now is saving millions of euros. The city began migrating from Windows NT to an open source infrastructure back in 2006, reducing the costs of IT and giving freedom to the users.

Thanks to this migration, computers in the administration now run Limux operating system, an Ubuntu based distribution that uses the KDE graphical interface. Limux which was first Debian based but later changed to Ubuntu, is a project by the city of Munich with the mission of helping to migrate from closed source software to open source.

There were some rumors on the Internet, about Munich thinking to switch back to Windows but thanks God they were only rumors and now that the Munich City Library is giving Ubuntu cds to people for free we for sure know that they are not going to closed source software again.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is a long term supported release with five years support, ending its life in 2017. It means that the distribution will receive updates for a long time, offering security and stability.