Mozilla Thunderbird 31.0 Has Been Released!

Mozilla Thunderbird is a very nice useful piece of open source software that can be used as an email and rss client. It was initially released on December July 28, 2003. According to the information available on Wikipedia, Thunderbird 1.0 which was released on On December 7, 2004 received 1,000,000 downloads in 10 days. Very impressive, isn’t it?

Thunderbird is written in C, C++, JavaScript, CSS, XUL, XBL and is released under the MPL license. I really like it and use for managing my own electronic mail.

Unfortunately, Mozilla decided to drop the priority of the Thunderbird development and left the implementation of new features to the community. But, the good news is that Mozilla still pushes security and maintenance updates to the software.

Lets hope the community does a good job on implementing new useful feature to the Thunderbird email/rss client.

Thunderbird has reached version 31.0, bringing many new important changes and fixed to the table. According to the changelog, Ubuntu One support is not available anymore in Thunderbird, chat notification sound should be customizable, the Quickfilter bar has lost OR functionality using | (Pipe character), many CSS variables are fixed and Mail Compact function no longer exhausts disk space.

A very important fix in this release is the one that is implemented to handle the slow responding feed favicons.

You can read the official changelog here.