Mozilla Launches in More Markets Around the World

Firefox OS Smartphones

Firefox OS smartphone is the first device powered completely by Web technologies with a very affordable price. This smartphone comes with Firefox Web browser, Firefox Marketplace, HERE Maps with offline capabilities and built-in social integration with Facebook and Twitter.

What are some featured apps in the Firefox marketplace? Some apps included in the market place are:

– Badoo
– Box
– EA games
– Poppit
– Facebook
– SoundCloud
– The Weather Channel
– TimeOut
– Tuenti
– Twitter

Firefox OS offers security, privacy, customization and great user experience. The positive market reception of the first Firefox OS smartphones is dictating the next move of Mozilla. Mozilla is planning to launch Firefox OS-based smartphones in more markets around the world, via various wireless carriers. At the moment Firefox OS smartphones are available in Spain, Colombia, and Venezuela via Telefónica, as well as in Poland.

Alcatel ONE TOUCH Fire and the ZTE Open will arrive in more countries soon with the intention of delivering best smartphone experience for the many people around the world. These devices will be available in Brazil,Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and three other Latin America markets before the end of this year.

Firefox OS phones will be shipped with the latest version of Firefox OS (1.1) and existing Firefox OS users will be upgraded to the latest version soon.

Firefox OS smartphones will also be available in Germany, Greece, and Hungary.

“The positive market reception of the first Firefox OS smartphones demonstrates that people like the user experience and openness we’re building with Firefox OS,” said Jay Sullivan, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer.