Meet Puppy Linux

Many geeks know about Puppy Linux and use it for their daily needs, but there are many others that have not heard about Puppy. Puppy is an extremely small Linux operating system in which its main goal is to stay small and fulfill all daily user’s needs.

It is very fast because it loads entirely on RAM and its users love this fact. If you have an old machine that will soon go in your garbage, Puppy is the perfect solution to breathe new life into that PC. I am saving some extra cash to buy old computers and put them into work, all this is possible because of Puppy Linux. I love to have a lot of computers in my lab so Puppy is my solution. It is free of charge and most of programs running on Puppy Linux are open-source.

Friendly for Newbies

Puppy Linux has a simple graphical user interface and is very good starting point in the Linux world. Program icons are on desktop and under them is the name of the program, which makes easier for users to start programs they want. To open a program, you have to only click once on the icon and the program will start at the speed of light.

Extremely Small

The boot time of Puppy is about 30 seconds on new PCs and about 50 seconds on old computers. It is not a standard thing and it may vary based on your machine parameters. You can boot it from an USB device or other flash media. The latest Puppy Linux, called Slacko Puppy is ~165 MB. You can read more about Slacko Puppy here.

And Fast >>>

Puppy Linux tries to load everything in to RAM and this makes it super fast.


It is hard to stay safe on the web nowadays. The internet is a jungle full of trojans and spyware trying to steal your private data and credit card information. Anti-virus does not catch all viruses and facts show that nothing seems to work when trying to stop viruses to infect your computer. Puppy Linux is extremely small, it loads into RAM and you can boot it from your USB device, so if you want to shop secure, just boot it and start shopping like a boss. Keep that USB only for online transactions and you will sleep well, no spyware nightmares.


Puppy Linux is the perfect solution to recycle old computers, learn newbies Linux and shop safe.