MeeGo devices unveiled at Computex 2011

The 2011version of Computex saw, new MeeGo-based devices debuting. With the launch of these new sets of hardware for MeeGo, it will be available pre-packagedMeego-logo obn mainstream devices, as this open source comes bundled on some of the leading tablets, netbooks, Smartphones etc. MeeGo, is a Linux-based operating system that powers netbooks, tablets as well as smart phone systems, which run on ARM and Intel Atom processors.

The Acer Iconia M500 is one of the first major brands to showcase its swanky new tablet for MeeGo. Acer takes a new step by branding the tablet with the ‘M’, which in future, will be on all of the Acer devices developed for MeeGo and MeeGo products. The only other maker of MeeGo tablet, presently, is the German maker WeTab.

The rushes coming in after the Computex, are just overviews of what the tablet on MeeGo can do. Apparently, tweaks to the User Interface; circular widget search makes an appearance; and some Android styled App drawer are available on the Iconia M500 are the significant features. MeeGo experts believe that the User Interface is highly ‘snackable’ but for true performance, one will have to wait for the actual release.

Current MeeGo ver 1.2 features and the wait for MeeGo ver 1.3

The range of Intel Atom and the entire series of ARMv7 features will now find further support with the recent launch of version 1.2 of MeeGo. With new features, being available with the version of the operating system there is increased tethering support. There are better wireless standards and technologies that increase the scope of these smart devices. Media streaming too has been further improved and this is likely to increase the experience of using MeeGo based devices. Net Applications too have seen an update and there are high expectations of MeeGo 1.2 for the newly launched models.

Again, as MeeGo is scheduled for next release, of MeeGo version 1.3 in October 2011, several brands show cased new models at the Computex. There were some interesting discoveries too, as some of the innovative manufacturers and providers proved MeeGo Linux’s versatility/vitality.

Banres Noble Nook Color now will run on MeeGo Linux as well

Barnes & Noble NOOK Color is the latest that MeeGo users have been working on and this was proved at the Computex, when this device was discovered to be running MeeGo. This was the result of the work of Nomovok a company that develops MeeGo as well as other open source applications.

After Nook Color was beyond being a color eBook and was used to run Google Android, it was soon possible for those who tried to, put in own apps. Now Nomovok has made it possible for open source users to use Nook Color as well. In its present form, NOOK color is available with WiFi as well as Touchscreen and most of the hardware controls, the g-sensor, Bluetooth are under yet being worked upon.

These MeeGo new devices are a step forward into the exciting future for open source smart devices.

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