Mediadownloader- Search, watch and download items with Google Image and YouTube

Mediadownloader is an opensource software that lets you search, watch and download items with Google Image and YouTube. It grabs video streams while browsing with firefox (only linux). Videos can be converted automatically using ffmpeg.


MediaDownloader can also make a slide show of searched videos and images, set images as wallpaper, save and restore searches, make multiple searches by a given text file, can also convert local videos or videos while downloading with a ffmpeg frontend.
Firefox monitor” will look at the firefox cache to catch video streaming contents while browsing (only linux for now). Thumbnail images for those aren’t grabbed, so you will see the mediadownloader icon insted, while for YouTube they are treated as usual.

Latest release is 1.5.0 and was released the 26th of February, this release comes with some new features and bug fixes:

– Added Google Suggestion hints for search box
– Added automatic search to add items while scrolling the view
– Added a button to open downloads directory
– Thumbnails color customizations
– Thumbnails redesigned
– Now downloads doesn’t overwrite existing file
– Fixed diplayed text in download window
– Fixed background of volume slider
– Fixed display video toolbar when back from fullscreen

Download Mediadownloader:

– For Ubuntu/Debian and LinuxMint

v1.5.0-1 i386 Debian / Ubuntu package
v1.5.0-1 amd64 Debian / Ubuntu package

– For Opensuse:

openSuse v1.5.0

After the application is installed you can access to it from :  Applications–>Internet–>Mediadownloader