Maxthon LTS Releases Web Browser For Linux

Maxthon ltd has released an official web browser for linux with many interesting features that you may find useful for your browsing experience. This version includes the followin features:

  • Sync Magic Fill data of your Maxthon Account.
  • Last Session page, which can be set to open with browser in Settings.
  • Hover to switch between folders on Favourites Bar.
  • Brand new UI

Do you like to install the Maxthon web browser in your machine so you can give it a try? The following commands will help you to install it in Debian based distros and RPM-based linux distributions.

Download and install Maxthon in Ubuntu 32 bit:

sudo dpkg -i maxthon-browser-stable_1.0.0.10_i386.deb

Download and install Maxthon in Ubuntu 64 bit:

sudo dpkg -i maxthon-browser-stable_1.0.0.10_amd64.deb

Download and install Maxthon web browser in Fedora 32 bit:

rpm -U maxthon-browser-stable-

Download and install Maxthon web browser in Fedora 64 bit:

rpm -U maxthon-browser-stable-

For you guys that have no idea what Maxthon is, It is a multi-platform web browser that offers fast and fun web surfing.

I highly recommend giving this web browser a try, it performs very fast I am sure anybody that ever tried is happy with the Maxthon’s speed. It seems to me like Maxthon outperforms many other top web browsers.

Image credit: devianart