Makers Tale-New 3D game on JmonkeyEngine

This is a story purely for game developers. While gamers shall have their day out when full version of Maker’s Tale is out, here we discover how and why gaming engines are becoming so popular by the day.

While in the present version of release Maker’s Tale, is largely a demo of the technology behind what goes into the game rather than the game itself, it is also point in truth that a game, however brilliantly developed, is limited on the platform or the software used to develop it.

Maker’s Tale is a new age indie story drama that is under production under James and Justin. The game follows a tabletop board game approach, allowing the combat to occur in a sandbox scenario to ensure a rebuild for whatever level of gaming is possible.

Maker’s Tale has taken the BSD-licensed jMonkey Engine the Java-based 3D-supporting SDK, which works on a NetBeans platform to work some magic into the game.

Fundamentally, jMonkeyEngine was developed to bridge the lack of graphic features in traditional java. Back in 2003, Mark Powell, famously known as MojoMonkey, began work on a project based on David Eberly’s 3D Game Engine Design to push the envelope on a full-featured Java graphics API. Joining him on this pursuit in 2004 was Joshua Slack and in the next two years, with contribution flowing in from the community the first commercial pure java graphics API came into shape by 2008.

Then the project saw a shift in gears as core development withdrew. However, with the community endorsing the second version however unstable, new team (Krill Vainer, Erlend Sogge Heggen and Skye Book) took it up the development mantle again and thanks to some serious and committed work, gaming developers have the latest and by far some of the most sophisticated 3D SDK available in Linux.

Oct 2011, saw the latest jMonkey Engine 3SDK Beta release and there is a stable update track that proves to be a better alternative to nightly builds.

Gaming developers today can truly explore the frontiers of 3D effects as jMonkeyEngine usesshader technology using LWJGL as the renderer. As it is supported on OpenGL 2 to 4 and educational organizations and gaming publishers have begun to use this software extensively.

While it remains just a set of powerful libraries by itself, when used with the IDE, jMonkeyEngine will take the low-level development to complete 3D advanced level of graphic components. DownloadjMonkeyEngine 3 SDK platform here. Some of the great games currently on jMonkeyEngine areOpenWonderland, Grappling Hook and Nord.

Here is a tech demo of Maker’s Tale and look forward to their next release at the earliest.