LÖVE, A Framework For Making 2D Games In Lua

Are you in game development field? Are you looking for a free open source 2d game creator? Ok, let me introduce you guys to LÖVE. What is it? Easy guys, it has nothing to do with love, it is a framework which you can use to create 2D games in Lua. Lua is a cross platform programming language designed as a scripting language with “extensible semantics” as a primary goal.

This awesome framework is free, open source and multi-platform. Another good thing about this game development framework is that it be can used freely for any purpose — including commercial ones. LÖVE  is licensed under the liberal zlib/libpng license. You can use LÖVE to create open-source projects or closed-source commercial ones. You guys know that we are here to support open source movement and open source projects, so do not be ‘evil’, do not start closed-source projects! Just kidding, do what you like, but keep in mind that open source is the future.

Do you need to learn Lua in order to create 2D games with the LÖVE framework? Yes, you need. If you are new to Lua and never used it before, don’t worry, it is a very cool language and I like it. Here is a list of good resources for Lua programming language.

Programming in Lua (first edition)

Lua-Users Tutorials

Lua 5.1 Reference Manual

Some interesting places to learn LÖVE:

Getting Started

Building LÖVE


love (The module)

Read more about LÖVE  here and spread the Love.