Linux Portable Security 1.2.5 has been released! | LinuxOS from department of Defence

A new maintenance release of Linux Portable Security LPS has been released, this release added more support for RealTek wireless drivers; added additional broadband cellular drivers; added additional SmartCard drivers; revised About Box to show licensing info; removed GMail S/MIME add-on, which no longer works with GMail; updated Flash to; updated Firefox to 3.6.22; updated DOD Configuration add-on to 1.3.3; updated Java to 6u27; updated OpenSSH to 5.9p1; updated DOD Root CAs. Find more info in the chagelog

Find more info in the chagelog

Lightweight Portable Security (LPS), created by USA’s Department of Defence, is a small Linux live CD focusing on privacy and security, for  this reason, it boots from a CD and executes from RAM, providing a web browser, a file manager and some interesing tools. LPS-Public turns an untrusted system into a trusted network client.

Download LPS

There are  2 cd`s available, one public and other delux, the difference is that the one labelled as “deluxe” also contains and Adobe Reader.

You can download LPS from these official links:

LPS-1.2.5_public.iso (136MB), LPS-1.2.5_public_deluxe.iso (316MB).

If the above links slow or not working, you can use the following altarnative link from unixmen mirrors (faster than the above links)

 Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) (Link 2011-09-23 17:12:43)

For screenshots check our previous post.